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One-Day Relationship Intensive

Recalibrate and reset your relationship in just eight hours

Concentrated Couples Therapy in London One-Day Relationship Intensive

APN London’s One-Day Private Relationship Therapy Intensives are a highly effective alternative or addition to weekly couple’s sessions. For those with limited time, a tight schedule, or the desire to expedite progress, this intensive is designed to pack learning, insight, and connection into an accelerated program. Available for couples of all genders and backgrounds, ages 18+.

Become a relationship expert through the one-day relationship intensive at APN London.


Couples seek therapy and relationship intensives for a variety of needs and with a variety of goals. In addition to the core therapeutic work, each session and intensive is catered to your individual goals as a couple. Common goals include:

  • Restoring playfulness, intimacy, sex, & desire
  • Improving communication
  • Understanding the dynamics & development of relationships
  • Recovery from betrayal

One-Day Relationship Intensive: Programme Details

Life is all about relationships. In every culture throughout history, humans seek intimate relationships and connection, with many wanting to find “their person.” Using radical new thinking about all aspects of romantic relationships, you will learn:

  • The two most important roles in any partnership
  • The single most successful way to deal with anger and conflict
  • How to achieve truly clear communication where your needs can be expressed
  • How to think differently about sex and physical intimacy, taking immediate steps back to pleasurable sex
  • A proven path to recovery after betrayal or an affair

The aim of the intensive workshop is to leave you refreshed, renewed, and reconnected,
and with a restored faith in the future together.

Call: 0203 9847699

Meet Your Relationship Therapist at APN London

James Earl

MSW (Sussex) PgDip (Relate) BA Hons (Mddx)

James Earl is relationship and psychosexual therapist, specialising in communication, desire & intimacy. James has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Sussex, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy from Relate, and is about to complete his Professional Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy.

Relationship & Psychosexual Therapy at APN London

Regular one-hour or two-hour sessions are also offered if you prefer a more traditional approach to relationship therapy.

This private one-day intensive costs £1,800 (a discount from the one-hour rate of £280). You can check James’ availability and book your session by emailing

APN offers a truly holistic approach to mental and physical well-being, and you may wish to also work with our personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga, massage, or meditation practitioners – all under one roof, at our beautiful Georgian townhouse in the centre of London’s Harley Street area.

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