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6 Benefits of Custom-Curated Programmes for Addiction Recovery

Just as no two people face the same challenges with a substance use disorder, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. That’s why APN London emphasises a custom-curated approach to addiction recovery, which offers unique treatment plans and interventions for every client.

The benefits of a custom-curated programme can not only improve your chances of achieving and sustaining recovery, but also help you to enjoy the process. Take a closer look at what a custom-curated programme can do for your recovery.

The Challenges of Addiction Recovery

People living with a substance use disorder face significant challenges on the path to recovery. While the exact symptoms you may experience depend on the specific drug that you’ve been using, addiction itself has a common set of harmful effects. This includes symptoms such as:

  • Invasive drug or alcohol cravings
  • Physical and mental withdrawal symptoms
  • Difficulty finding enjoyment or pleasure outside of substance use
  • Damaged relationships
  • Difficulty at work, school, or home due to substance use
  • Worsening mental health symptoms

Additionally, many people seeking addiction recovery have a co-occurring mental health condition. In fact, 70% of people starting addiction treatment report a need for mental health treatment services.

But every person experiences different combinations of these factors, as well as countless others. To get the best treatment possible — and the best chances for success — it is critical that you start a customised treatment programme catered to your unique needs.

6 Ways Custom-Curated Programmes Help

A custom-curated addiction recovery programme offers a number of targeted services to help people overcome their individual challenges on the path to addiction recovery.

From treatments specifically designed to treat certain mental health conditions to therapeutic techniques that fit your preferences, there’s no better way to start the recovery process. Six key benefits of a custom-curated programme include:

1. Improved Treatment Outcomes

Almost everyone coming to addiction treatment shares a common goal: achieving remission from a substance use disorder. People want to be able to live free from drug or alcohol use, move past the symptoms of craving or withdrawal, and learn to build happier and healthier lives in sobriety.

Custom-curated addiction recovery programmes can be the best pathway to achieving this goal. Rather than trying to make a generic programme work for you, you will have the ability to build a treatment plan that suits your specific needs.

How Custom-Curated Programmes Deliver Better Outcomes

Custom-curated treatment means improved treatment outcomes, such as:

  • Reduced relapse risk
  • Improved social communication and functioning
  • More healthy coping mechanisms implemented into daily life
  • Faster resolution of substance use disorder symptoms
  • Greater overall quality of life
  • An easier time staying sober

There is a simple reason why custom-curated programmes provide better results. When people start an addiction recovery programme that they are enthusiastic about and feel confident in the program’s ability to treat their needs, they are more likely to become engaged in the treatment process.

Research into treatment engagement has shown that it is one of the most consistent and positive indicators of treatment success. When you can recognise that your treatment options are meant just for you, you are more likely to stay the course on the path to addiction recovery.

2. Multiple Treatment Options

A common pitfall of generic treatment options is an emphasis on a strict protocol for what it takes to achieve recovery. While evidence-based treatment is always recommended, even the best treatment options don’t always work for everyone. To truly maximise your chances of lasting recovery, it pays to have options.

A custom-curated programme means that if one option doesn’t fit your needs, you can choose another one that does. Our programmes emphasise this approach by offering a wide spectrum of effective and evidence-based options, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing
  • Trauma-focused therapy
  • Lifestyle psychiatry
  • Ketamine-assisted healing
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Group therapy
  • Relationship therapy

Each one of these treatment options can play a pivotal role in your path to recovery. But just as importantly, some won’t fit your exact needs. A custom-curated plan can be designed to deliver the services you need and let you avoid the ones that aren’t a fit.

3. The Ability to Build a Treatment Plan to Your Preferences

A custom-curated programme emphasises your choice, your preferences, and your needs. This not only applies to specific evidence-based mental health interventions, but also to adjunctive treatments and wellness programmes that fit your lifestyle and personal goals.

Critically, this means that you get to decide with our team of clinicians and mental health professionals on what the ideal treatment plan for you looks like. Our team works to help guide you toward the treatment options that are specifically catered to your challenges, but you have extensive leeway in deciding what will or won’t work for you.

For example, many of our clients feel the need for more time spent in individual therapy compared to group therapy. Others recognise that physical fitness is a vital component of their recovery and enrol in our 9X fitness programmes in addition to addiction therapy and treatment interventions.

4. Targeted Mental Health Treatments for Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring mental health disorders are the norm in addiction treatment. And while many people are unaware of any underlying mental health conditions upon entering treatment, symptoms of these disorders can begin to appear after you’ve reached sobriety.

Left untreated, mental health disorders can dramatically increase your risk of relapse, reduce your quality of life, and often lead to significant challenges in daily functioning. Treating mental health disorders simultaneously with substance use treatment is typically the best path toward building a lasting and worthwhile recovery.

The Role of a Custom-Curated Programme in Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

A custom-curated addiction recovery programme gives you several different targeted options for mental health treatment. Certain therapies and treatments have been specifically designed to treat these mental health challenges.

Once an underlying mental health disorder has been identified, you can elect to incorporate these interventions into your treatment plan.

For example, eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy was specifically designed to help people overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive-behavioural therapy can help with a number of different mental health conditions but is particularly beneficial in the treatment of depression.

Cutting-edge therapies, such as ketamine-assisted healing and deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, have rapidly shown success in treating treatment-resistant mental health conditions, where people have tried medication and therapy without success in the past.

This individualised approach makes it possible for our clients to feel better, faster. Even if generic treatment programmes offer dual-diagnosis treatment, they often do so under a catch-all umbrella instead of providing people with the right therapeutic options for their particular needs.

5. Flexibility in Choices

Addiction recovery is a learning and growing process. As you achieve more time in sobriety and make progress in your treatment methods of choice, you may find yourself more interested in diverse methods of mental health treatment.

A custom-curated programme provides you with the flexibility you need to explore these new options, try on new treatments for size, and build and modify your programme options as you choose.

Flexibility is inherent in any custom-curated option. If you find that a specific treatment isn’t working out, you have the option to switch to something that does.

By keeping this flexibility at the core of our comprehensive addiction treatment programme, we can help our clients to stay excited, enthusiastic, and hopeful about their addiction recovery goals.

6. Unique Levels of Care

Addiction treatment centres often align themselves with rigid levels of care, which dictate the time you spend in a particular treatment protocol, the types of therapy you receive, and when and where you receive it.

For example, a typical pathway through the treatment continuum includes:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalisation
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Outpatient aftercare

While this structure can be incredibly beneficial to people in early recovery, many find that they prefer a more flexible approach to their pathway to recovery.

These levels of care range from the most intensive treatment to the least intensive. Medical detox is primarily concerned with the symptoms of withdrawal, and residential treatment offers 24 hours of professional support while living on-site at your treatment programme.

Partial hospitalisation provides similar services while people live at home, and intensive outpatient and outpatient programmes offer fewer hours of therapy and treatment options.

Limitations of Traditional Pathways

But these programmes often have set limits to them. People may only be eligible for partial hospitalisation programmes for so long before they are moved to an outpatient track, and many clients still desire the higher level of care offered.

A custom-curated programme takes an entirely different approach. Rather than dictating the level of treatment you receive based on set time limits, our programmes let you decide the level of care you need throughout your journey.

The Addiction Recovery Process at APN London

APN London offers a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment, mental health, and wellness services all under one umbrella. This includes both the best in time-tested treatment and therapy options, as well as innovative and exciting new treatment techniques that have significant promise in helping people on the path to recovery.

Building your custom-curated programme starts by calling our team of mental health professionals. They can help you schedule a consultation, gather some basic information about your specific treatment needs, and help point you toward treatments or providers that can help.

Our Collaborative Approach

When you meet with our team for the first time, our mental health professionals will provide a detailed and thorough diagnostic assessment. This provides our team with further information about what your specific substance use and mental health challenges are and can determine the treatment options that are best for you.

The diagnostic process helps our team gather information such as:

  • The length of your substance use history
  • The severity of your substance withdrawal symptoms
  • Whether you have any co-occurring physical or mental health conditions
  • What your preferences are for treatment

With this information collected, our team collaborates with you to develop a curated programme designed to meet your exact preferences and needs. This means getting the therapies, treatments, and professional support that will have the greatest impact on your likelihood of achieving a lasting and enjoyable recovery.

Get Started on Your Recovery Today

At APN London, we take pride in providing high-quality, evidence-based care for people struggling with addiction. Our comprehensive addiction treatment options cover every aspect of your recovery journey, from personal wellness to symptom resolution. With our holistic therapeutic processes, you can break free from addiction once and for all.

Achieving addiction recovery is never easy, but with the help of APN London, it is possible. To get started with a custom-curated addiction recovery programme at APN London, reach out to our team by calling 0203 984 7699, or fill out our confidential online contact form for more information today.


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