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Retreats by APN

Join All Points North for 3 days and 3 nights of direction, grounding, and wellness in the mountains of Colorado. Next retreat: Jan 26-29th, 2023


Spend three days and three nights in our mountain-nestled Stagecoach Lodge to push deep into experiential work with our expert team, complete wellness assessments, and rejuvenate with intentional experiences and activities. We’ll work with you to assess which wellness components will best support you both during the retreat and at home. For a quick trip that restores your direction, join us for a Revive Retreat.

Trauma Therapy

Personalized care built by an expert team

Mental Health

Get clarity around blocks and solidify future goals


Fitness and nutrition consultation with trainer and dietitian

Little to No Side Effects

Hiking, yoga, and wellness activities in the Rockies

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Your Fresh Start Begins Now

Experiential Work
Get two days of experiential growth sessions with a few peers and our expert facilitators to meet you where you are, find clarity around past and current barriers, and set intentions and plans for the future
you want.

  • Get clarity around blocks
  • Experience music therapy
  • Process as a group
  • Grow skills through life coaching
  • Push through barriers with psychodrama
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation

Wellness Plan
Over the course of your three days at Revive, our team will put together a plan for your way forward, including:

  • Personalized, guided goal setting
  • Strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • Coping mechanism instruction and recommendations
  • Holistic and adjunctive practice recommendations

The APN team will also evaluate your individual needs over the 3-day retreat in order to understand your goals and help you get set up to reach them.

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Experiences Including

  • One 50-minute therapeutic massage
  • One 60-minute float experience in our sensory deprivation float tank
  • Daily mountain hikes
  • Personalized recommendations with Registered Dietitian
  • Trauma-informed yoga or gym training sessions
  • Full spa access including sauna, steam, and hot tub


Fitness Assessment

  • Fitness and activity history
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Mobility and stability (Functional Movement Screen)

Nutrition Assessment

  • History of nutrition and health
  • 24-hour food recall
  • Dietary preferences and diet evaluation
  • Supplement analysis
  • Nutritional gaps and opportunities analysis
  • Q&A
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“My hope for the retreat was to get a new, more helpful perspective on life and my circumstances, sort of a reset. I’ve recently retired from being a professional athlete. Although I’ve been preparing for quite a while, there are still rather significant changes I am managing. Additionally, I’m originally from Ukraine and in my last professional season a war broke out in my country, with my family still living there.

What was absolutely phenomenal was that the therapists on site are trauma informed and were able to let me process some of this stuff with compassion and understanding. More importantly most of the time I didn’t have to use words. With different modalities like watercolor, drum circle, float tank, meditation, mindful walks I was able to ‘take out’ what was inside without having to make sense of it with words. I’m also exhausted from having to retell these stories, they seem to solidify each time I repeat them, so having another outlet with informed therapists was just irreplaceable.

Although I understand that a 3 day retreat is not quite enough to get all my affairs in order, it was a helpful nudge in areas of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, nature, therapy, coaching among others.

I hope to continue to incorporate modalities I’ve experienced on more consistent basis and do these types of resets more consistently or/and perhaps for longer periods of time.

Thank you APN for a much needed time for myself.”

– V