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Meet Bethany Ashley-Smith

Bethany Ashley-Smith has been a registered mental health nurse for almost 20 years and worked in both private and public settings. Throughout her career, Bethany has been keen to develop skills to help her address her clients as individuals rather than making one therapy fit a client. She works from an integrative base to encompass therapy bespoke to the individual, dependent on need.

Bethany’s approach comes from the heart, as she has her own experience living with neurodiversity; as someone who has ADHD herself, Bethany realises first-hand that whilst there are many common factors in ADHD clients, each client has their own unique journey. Her skill set allows her to work holistically with her clients, explore their needs collaboratively, and focus on techniques that empower them to move forward.

Bethany supports her clients by addressing biological aspects of the condition, providing medication monitoring and support with healthy lifestyle interventions, emotional regulation, and skills to manage rejection-sensitive dysphoria. She holds space with empathy and warmth, offering her clients the space to learn individual and dynamic ways of managing tasks realistically. She listens for common themes as well as unique strengths that allow for self-development, peace, and success.

Background and Education

Bethany trained in addictions psychotherapy over 16 years ago. Her professional experience includes developing trauma and addiction pathways, setting up a day service for eating disorders and a bloodborne virus service for a substance misuse provider, and writing and delivering training for peer-led services.

Early on in her professional experience, she noticed some key areas indicated a deeper need for bespoke care around trauma-informed practice and skills, sex, and relationships. She has continued her training to meet these needs, becoming an EMDR practitioner and earning a PG Cert in Clinical Sexology.

Bethany’s work made her more aware of the prevalence of neurodiversity in addiction and more attuned to how limited the support and knowledge around neurodiversity can be, especially after her own ADHD diagnosis. Her experience led her to pursue further training in ADHD Assessment and Treatment Planning at Kings College.

In her free time, Bethany enjoys Pilates, cooking, and travelling. She loves art and listening to loud music.