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Conveniently located in the Harley Street Medical Area, APN London is your one-stop location for mental health, physical health, and addiction treatment. APN London goes far beyond traditional mental health providers to offer lifestyle psychiatry, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS), ketamine-assisted healing and therapy, nutritional therapygroup therapy, mind-body fitness, psychiatry, and more.

All Points North exists to bring healing to dysfunctional behaviours and their root causes. For you or your loved one, there is hope – no matter the past.


  • Lifestyle Psychiatry: Aside from standard mental health therapies, clients will get lifestyle interventions for total recovery at APN London’s whole-person lifestyle psychiatry clinic. The APN integrated multidisciplinary team (MDT) includes nutritionists, psychiatrists, fitness specialists, mind-body therapists, medical practitioners, and sleep specialists.
  • Individual Therapy: A clinician will establish trust with you so you can explore the core causes of addiction, mental health issues, and trauma together. They’ll teach you ways to manage emotions and behaviours effectively and cope with stress while setting and meeting goals outside recovery.
  • Group Therapy: At APN London, we think that group therapy helps cure the cultural and social components of addiction and mental health concerns. Our approaches include discovering who we are in relation to others, healthy sexuality, dialectical behavioural therapy, group schema therapy, and more.
  • Family Therapy: Family healing lays a foundation for long-term recovery. We offer a comprehensive and intensive family therapy programme for partners, family members, or family of choice – those who have an active role in the family system.
  • Virtual Therapy: APN London offers exceptional virtual therapy from the comfort of home. Wherever you are, we’re right there with you. Our virtual therapy offers individualised options based on your specific needs, community support, trackable outcomes, and convenient scheduling.
  • Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS): Deep TMS is FDA-approved for major depressive disorder (MDD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), smoking cessation, and anxious depression. It is UKCA-marked and has NICE approval for depression with more conditions in the research phase. The procedure stimulates your brain to regulate neurotransmitter production, which leads to enhanced mood and mental stability.
  • Ketamine-Assisted Healing and Therapy: Ketamine-assisted healing and therapy is an off-label treatment for PTSD, OCD, and generalised anxiety disorder. At APN London, we adjust each client’s dosage to their unique needs. The goal of ketamine therapy is to help relieve symptoms and easily get to the root of mental health issues.
  • Nutritional TherapyAt APN London, we offer an in-depth consultation that inventories your physical and psychological demands, sleep patterns, external environments, internal experiences, and underlying health conditions to gauge your unique nutrient needs and create a custom nutrition plan.
  • 9x Fitness (coming soon)
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A therapy room at APN London.
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Find your way forward with mental health, addiction treatment, trauma therapy programmes, deep TMS, ketamine-assisted healing and therapy, nutritional therapy, and fitness in London. We’re located in the Harley Medical Street Area in Marylebone, Central London, just 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport.


Contact our team by calling 0207 193 1128 or starting a live chat customer service below. Schedule a tour, ask a question, or get started with your programme today.