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Massage Therapy

Release tension, encourage relaxation, and find balance in mind and body.


At APN, we believe in whole-person healing. Massage therapy offers fundamental support to treatment at APN by reconnecting the mind and body so you can process, heal, and move forward.

Massage therapy at APN London offers many benefits that can complement the work you do in talk therapy sessions.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy uses touch and pressure to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and promote relaxation in mind and body. Massage therapy at APN London offers many benefits for mental health and physical well-being, including:

  • Releasing muscular tension often associated with stress and anxiety
  • Facilitating relaxation and stress relief
  • Reconnecting the mind and body
  • Increasing serotonin and dopamine levels (nature’s “feel-good” hormones)
  • Helping to boost the body’s immune system
  • Pain management

Reflexology is a massage and pressure point treatment of the feet which encourages the body to balance and heal itself. The feet and hands reflect and mirror the organs and structures of your body and your emotional health. A reflexology treatment can encourage holistic healing and relaxation, which help to reduce stress levels


Massage Therapist at APN London

As a practising massage therapist and reflexologist with over 27 years of experience working in the mental health and well-being sectors, Julie Ryan has helped many massage clients find relief in mind and body.

Julie prioritises her clients’ comfort and takes great care to understand their specific needs and preferences. She approaches each client as an individual, utilising her extensive training in various massage specialities to create a bespoke treatment for maximum effectiveness.

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